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Technology Solutions

IT Staff & Customized Solutions

We'll find qualified IT staff and resources, help you create a team or compliment your fulltime IT staff, and enable you to deliver. The SBS team is ready to work with you to meet your business goals and provide the resources you need for success.

Professional Recruitment

Solid Relationships = Success

We take pride in our continued success placing candidates into permanent positions with our valued clients. We build relationships with hiring agencies, learn the environment and company culture, leading to high placement and satisfaction for candidates and managers.

Project Management

Project support, resources, and management services

Benefit from our wide range of business services and project-based consulting. SBS employs proven design/delivery methodologies. We handle all aspects of project management, from allocation of resources, to responsibilities, to tracking, delivery, and beyond.


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No recruitment agency in CT can match our satisfaction rate with both hiring managers and candidates. Why? The reason is simple:

We’re about building long-lasting connections between people, and providing real solutions to businesses nationwide.

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